Friday, June 8, 2012

From Analog to Digital TV

Perbedaan TV Analog dan TV Digital adalah

1. Analog TV is less Spectrum Frequency and Power Efficient
2. Analog TV very sensitive to Interferences
3. Analog TV not suitable for new services nowadays (  additional information like schedule Program etc.

Many Solution  with TV Digital like

1. Can Be Compressed, Store, Packetized, etc
2. Many New Services ; Pay per view, interactive data, etc,
3. Better Spectrum Frequency  ( 1 Frequency can be load with 6 until 12 Program )
4. Power Efficiency ( only need 1/4 Power from TV Analog )

Why DVB-T2

1. More Bitrate needed for new services , like HDTV, 3DTV.
2. Better Protection against noisy Channels
3. Better use of radioelectric Spectrum
4. Better SFN Performance in Different Scenario
5. Better Power Performance in Transmitters
6. Allocation for services with spesific characteristics ; like mobile TV , data Broadcasting , Digital radio , etc.

in DVB-T 

1. Maximum 5 Program with 4,2 MBit/s per Program, in in DVB-T2 can 12 Program
2. Only can One modulation ( choose 16 QAM, 64 QAM or QPSK ), in DVB-T2 can Multi Modulation


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